Boles Studio hits the road to visit New York Heartwoods in Kingston.

New York Heartwoods in Kingston, NY

This Friday my buddy Ben (and frequent shop-hand) took a short road trip up to Kingston NY to visit our friend Megan and check out the showroom for New York Heartwoods.

Founded in 2011 by Megan and her co-founder Dave, NY Heartwoods specializes in recovering trees that would often end up in landfills, the woodchipper or become firewood including downed urban trees.  

The trees usually travel less than 5 miles before being milled by NYH.

Ben and I picked around for a few hours through their really wide selection of materials including some really beautiful cherry, walnut, spalted maple, spalted sweetgum slabs.  They also carry a nice array of reclaimed material such as hemlock, Canadian cedar from decommissioned water towers, and antique red oak.


Ben ended up taking home some of the Canadian cedar.  I grabbed some antique pine for a project I recently picked up as well as am amazing spalted sweetgum slab.  I'm not sure what I am going to do with it yet but it was too beautiful to leave behind.

Check on New York Heartwood's website and pay them a visit if you are ever in the Kingston NY area.